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Interesting application of the Medical Redshirt rule. by TWO

Wash State is getting an unusual ruling on the transfer of former Eastern Washington QB Gage Guburd who had a great career at EWU threw for almost 10K yards in his career and was FCS player of the year in 2016. Had he not been injured he would have exhausted his eligibility in 2018.

But he was injured in the 5th game and didn't play again. The Med redshirt rule says you can't play in more than 1/3 of the your teams games to be granted one. But his team went to the FCS finals and played 15 games so he qualified and was granted the Med Redshirt which he is using as a Grad Transfer to Wazzu.

The Pirate just keeps falling into these type of QB's. Last year it was the Stash guy from E.Carolina and now this kid.

When Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa went down in the game vs Michigan, and immediately everybody thought of the new redshirt rule that would allow him to rehab and play late in the season and as long as he didn't play in more than 4 games he got the redshirt. But had he played for Alabama or Clemson who played 15 games, he could have gotten hurt in the 5th game and qualified for the Med Redshirt. Since ND at most could have played 14 games this year he'd have fallen short of getting the Med Redshirt. Doubt if it's a rule that'll come into play very often, but interesting that it's there and an option for those 2 teams that reach the CFP finals.