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I don't follow ... by CJC

Chris Mortensen or Adam Shefter or any of those other guys.

I don't care who coaches the Bears, let alone who those guys think is going to be the next coach of the Raiders or the Jets or the 49ers.

What comes across my radar screen about "rumors" regarding Notre Dame and its coach is via this site.

And I stand by everything I said previously today because it really doesn't matter if Kelly's agent is whining to Chris Mortensen (or anybody else) about institutional obstacles to success at Notre Dame in November or December or on February 30.

That the "rumors" passed through Mortensen's laptop makes them a little more significant than rumors coming from somebody else since Mortensen and Kelly share the same agent.

That the "rumor" in this instance has gone a month without serious refutation makes it more problematic than if it had been first launched today.

As I said earlier today, I consider planted rumors claiming NFL interest in Kelly less problematic (and therefore more appropriately ignored by both Kelly and Swarbrick) than I do rumors implying that Kelly is being hindered by Notre Dame's institutional impediments, particularly when they flow through Mortensen.