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Why would Mortensen attribute to Kelly something .... by CJC

that Kelly didn't say or believe?

Couldn't get it confirmed?

Well, that would be shitty journalism, but hardly rare these days.

But in this particular case, it stretches all credibility to suggest that Mortensen couldn't get it confirmed.

So, you might ask, why would something like this -- of questionable accuracy -- make it out of Kelly's camp?

Kelly was in a position to say that while we might not red-shirt precisely as some teams do, we have lots of fifth-year players.

Mortensen was presumably in a position to confirm whether Kelly really thought that.

And if Mortensen was tempted to re-hash something he "heard" from somebody else, you'd think he'd be disinclined to do so given the connection through Armstrong.

Forget about when Mortensen published this; that's irrelevant.

I put it to you ... why did this ever see the light of day through Mortensen?