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I have met him once by gadomer

and agree with all you post.

I think the problem is expectations. Alums and fans expect wins; nothing more, nothing less. Then, there are coaches who want/expect more out of their players than 3 or 4 years in uniform. They want their players to also be men in the real world. At Notre Dame that is the rule, not the exception.
At UGA, it is different a different culture. Things were overlooked or swept under a rug under previous coaches because it would be bad for the team. Richt holds players to account. The players are given one chance to change their ways (felonies are excluded). If they lie about the initial cause of action, they are booted with no exception (see Mettenberger). If they make a full confession but subsequently lapse, they are gone.

That does not excuse losing to a pitiful South Carolina and Florida, but the NFL knows they are getting quality kids. I would posit the percentage of successful UGA players in the NFL is greater than Alabama. That says something about Richt. It also says something about Saban.