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Moff question by irishrock

Moff, you were in the thick of it in the mid-80's and would have great knowledge on this.

It is my understanding ND granted fifth year eligibility in '86 with our mutual OG buddy. I am wondering if he was the first or were there players before him granted a fifth year.

By the way, he had to graduate on time, get accepted to grad school, and be wanted back by both coaches and the school before he was accepted. A younger teammate of mine was in the '90 recruiting class and he got a fifth year as well.

The reason I am pointing this out is that ND has had fifth years going on almost 30 years now. Any decent journalist worth his/her salt should know that. How this is an issue to Kelly is beyond me. Heck, Kelly benefitted for Riggs TRANSITIONING this year into the grad program.