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2013 is the only other year I would consider a success by athlete37

2010 we started 1-3 and after that lost by 25 to Navy and also lost to Tulsa. 2011 we lost to a 4-8 USF team, blew a 17 point fourth quarter lead against Michigan, and lost by two touchdowns to USC and Stanford each (neither of which was even that close). 2013 I'll consider a success: beating a very good Michigan St. team, decent ASU and BYU teams, along with SC after losing Golson. 2014 included a 24 point loss to a 3 loss Arizona State team, a 35 point loss to a 4 loss USC team that didn't even feel that close, a home loss to a 7 loss team, and two other losses. Which of these seasons was not a failure?