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Yes, it is lackluster by Rocket7

Outside of QB, ND does not have an elite player at any of the positions you mentioned. Shockingly, ND appears to be fading with their top two RB targets. I don't know why, seeing as how the RB's get the ball about 15-20 times a game.

No top 25 players. There are two that are still considering ND; CB Iman Marshall and RB Soso Jamabo. Both are long shots.

One top 25 player in QB Brandon Wimbush.
One top 100 player (not including Wimbush) in CB Shaun Crawford. 3 other players ND is recruiting are also top 100 in CB Ykili Ross, TE Alize Jones, and RB Ronald Jones. None of those players appear to favor ND at this time.

No elite players at the positions you mentioned.