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It took 5 years to get plays in on time. After careful by cj

observation I can safely say that bp kelly's version of the hurry up is extraordinary:

He is the only coach I've ever seen take the hurry up backwards.

It's astonishing.

bp's hurry up:

As the play clock is running down he looks at his play sheet to match up what play to run.

It's 1st and ten from the 25 with the score tied and 14:51 on the clock in the 1st 1/4.

Clearly, a man with his 38 2/3 years of head coaching experience has never seen this game situation. It requires in depth research.

Obviously, for bp, this is an excellent opportunity for total indecisiveness because it is the opening series and the defense is not co-operating.

As the clock winds to 10 seconds Golson's heart is going a mile a minute and the rest of the team is trying to remain calm.

At 7 seconds kelly and 7 guys in red hats (some holding posters of Charlies Angels) are signalling like maniacs with Tourette's and Golson finally gets the play.

(One of the posters is missing (Lucy Liu) and no one can find Justin Brent).

Golson reads 15 yard sideline square out left to JR. Admiral.

Kelly is shrieking, "God****@#$%^&* hurry the f*** up..."

With 1 second on the clock the ball is snapped and EG hurls it OB.

Robinson comes to the sideline and is told by bp that his route was poor execution.

Robinson exclaims that, "the pass was in the 5th row."

bp angrily replies, "Go sit on the @#$%^&* bench. I'll get Everett after this series is @#$%^&* over."

Back in the huddle the players are waiting for the next play and arguing over who's hotter Farrah Fawcett or Cameron Diaz.

Koyack interjects that, "I'll take Kate Jackson".

Wash rinse repeat...