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from what I understand by jt

a big part of his reasoning (per two sources that are on his staff in SF in an article I read by one of the more reputable beat writers) is that his act does do better with college kids than NFL kids. He did a fantastic job in SF and he worked his ass off and I am grateful that he was a coach there for 4 mostly very good years. That said, there is no question that he wore out his welcome with the front office and many of the players (the stuff about locker room discord isn't just made up stuff leaked to the press by the front office). Maybe he is right and maybe this is his dream job. He's also doing the 49ers a huge favor here--they have to love the idea of not having to pay him, not having to fire him, not having to try and work out a trade for little to no compensation and looking petty the whole time, and most importantly for not having to face him because the guy is a damn good coach.

He's a strange guy and he will more than likely do well there as that is kind of a strange place. We will have to raise our game in recruiting as we'll likely be going after many of the same guys.