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Pre NC game PC: Q. A number of people have come forth with by cj

an opinion that you take a more measured approach on the sideline now than maybe a few years ago. Do you agree with that opinion? And if so, is it a conscious decision on your part?

COACH BRIAN KELLY: It's time and place. It's time and place relative to that measured approach that you're talking about. First couple of years we needed to grow, and I was hard on our team, there's no question. I don't have to have that kind of same presence with our football team in year 3. They understand exactly what the expectations are, and I don't have to remind them. I was doing a lot of reminding in the first couple of years. Doing much less of that, but that's pretty typical in my stays at each program is that by your third year, everybody is on the same page."

imo This is some of his best stuff.... Oh, to be so wise and confident...

Lastly, our beat reporters (ND menservants) suck.