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Just wondering: 1. When did this Marshmallow thing start? by 1NDGal

I recall a few beach balls in my day but no marshmallows. Looks like the Seniors are doing it again this year, but now they acknowledge what a mess it makes. Nice letter in the Observer (linked up front) from several Seniors who will help clean up on Sunday. We’ll see if they’re allowed in. Ofc of Risk Mgmt on line 1.

2. Does ND have its own MRI or do the athletes go to St. Joe or somewhere? Seems like we’re approaching a point where the purchase would be warranted. NDWBB alone would have kept it in business last year.

3. Will ND Stadium Concessions have enough hot chocolate this time? Last game, big game, snowy conditions, COME ON. The excess can go to Compton. Get it together.