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My memory might be wrong, but my undergrad years 95-99 by pmoose

I recall the whole student body participating in marshmallow fights at halftime for every game. Sure, I think it was supposed to be more a senior thing and certainly was heavier in that section, but all sections had at least some amount of marshmallows. Well, that was true until my senior year (season of '98) where in what I believe was the 2nd home game of the season (Purdue), there were 2 toads and an octopus being thrown around the student section. One of the toads had an errant throw that ended up hitting a child in the adjacent section who needed medical attention. This led to an outright ban on marshmallows for the remainder of the year. How, you ask? They told anyone caught throwing marshmallows or anything else would be ejected from the stadium and face Res Life consequences.

I can't recall if it was the following home game or the last home game of the season (want to say last one) that the seniors participated in an imaginary marshmallow fight (i.e. pretending to throw marshmallows but actually having nothing). What a sight that must've been to people who knew nothing of what was going on!

Edit: Shows you how good my memory is! As shown by an Observer link in this thread, the game was the 2nd from last home game!