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With Jordan Love's brief but hopeful appearance last night, by G.K.Chesterton

one of the Packers beat writers last night regurgitated Rodgers' comments from earlier this year on Clements getting Love fixed.

It’s hard to determine in which area of his game Love showed more growth, because the difference was extreme. Rodgers, who said he was proud of Love afterward, credited longtime quarterbacks coach Tom Clements for cleaning up Love’s fundamentals. The development was obvious with how much quicker Love diagnosed plays.

“Tom was huge for me in my early years,” Rodgers said, “of helping me hone the fundamentals. The drills we work on in practice always translate to game play, and I feel like he’s become much better in timing up his drops with the routes. When you do that, it allows everything to kind of flow smoothly from there. The accuracy improves and the decision making is easier because you’re just playing on time all the time.”