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Yes he did. by MonkeyKnifefight

He stepped in for Michael Penix (injury) in late 2020 and beat Wisconsin in Madison. He started the bowl game vs Ole Miss but wasn't effective. Started the 2021 season behind Penix again, but Penix went down with another injury and Tuttle took over. Not long before he himself was injured behind IU's porous offensive line.

He apparently was leading out of fall camp to be the starter but staff went with incoming transfer Connor Bazelak (Missouri). Bazelak went down with injury and Tuttle got a start before he was hurt again.

It's unfair to characterize Tuttle as injury prone. He has arm talent but his offensive line has been dreadful 2031-present. That being said, he hasn't really improved and he isn't particularly mobile. If he was more accurate or had a stronger arm he might have a chance but I'm inclined to believe there will be higher upside options in the portal.

I'm an IU football fan and have always been hopeful for Tuttle to get his chance and flourish but it just hasn't come to pass. Great teammate too, elected captain this season. He announced mid-season he'd enter the portal but stayed with the team through the season for his teammates.