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I don't think the Marshall game was that close by KeoughCharles05

On the other hand, there's any number of plays in the Stanford game that would have created a different outcome.

In the Marshall game, we were down 19-15 when the pick-six happened. Then, the next drive we threw another interception. We didn't score the final TD until Marshall was up 11, with 14 seconds left.

In the Stanford game, in addition to the play you mention, not lining up wrong on a play earlier that drive would have resulted in a TD. Not fumbling on the final drive of the first half would have deprived Stanford of the end of half FG. Had Estime not fumbled, we likely would have scored, as Estime was in FG range when he fumbled, and we were starting to run the ball at will. Hell, had we not gotten an off-setting penalty on Stanford's next drive, we likely would have gotten the ball back with 6 minutes at our 35, instead of 2 minutes at our 10. That isn't to say we deserved to win the Stanford game, but everything had to go *just* so for Stanford to eke that win out. Definitely not the case in the Marshall game.