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Not to pile on, but by pmcdnd96

Defensive players on the roster when Weis left included:
Manti T'eo - multi-year NFL career
Brian Smith - played in the NFL
Harrison Smith - 6 time pro bowler
Kapron Lewis-Moore - multi-year nfl career
Robert Blanton - multi year nfl career
Zeke Motta - drafted into the NFL
Ian Williams - Multi-year NFL career
We'll not mention Prince Shembo...
Dan Fox - played in the NFL
Bennett Jackson - played in the NFL
Darrin Walls - played in the NFL
Darius Fleming - multi year NFL career

Weis didn't leave the 85 Bears behind, but it wasb't a dumpster fire either.

On offense, when Weis left, the following players still had eligibility:
Jimmy Clausen
Dayne Crist
Golden Tate
Michael Floyd
Kyle Rudolph
Theo Riddick
Jonas Gray
Tyler Eifert
And that's without even going into the linemen...