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You haven't backed up anything with facts. by Grace91

The only information that you have presented is the composite rankings, which others have pointed out to you is flawed. As far as I can tell, you have not to responded to those points.

I will remind you that it has been demonstrated that the talent level Kelly left was at best on par with what he inherited. I would argue - note, this is my *opinion*, I am not not trying to present it as a *fact*, that our talent deficiency at critical spots such as QB, receiver, and linebacker makes this year's team worse than 2010's. It's difficult to succeed at the highest level when none of your QBs is much better than average. That's on Kelly.

The fact is, and the record shows it, that:
* Kelly had a full season vacated under his watch. That was over 5 years ago, but it is a mark against the program that never can be removed.
* A student manager died on Kelly's watch. He should have been fired on the spot. Swarbrick as well. That Notre Dame did not do so will forever be a point of shame for the university.
* The schedule at the end of Kelly's tenure was watered down, inflating his win percentage. Ref: here Others may have better links, that's what I found with a quick search. My *opinion* is that the ACC is a weaker football conference than the Big 10.
* Kelly's team in 2012 was led by players that he inherited.
In 2005 ND took a national-champion runner-up Southern Cal team to the wire. Kelly got curb-stomped every time he encountered an elite team. That's not leaving the team in better shape.

So, I find the following statement made by you to be flawed. One might even say that the fact is, and the record shows, that it is objectively false:

"I get what you are saying but the fact is, and the record shows it, that Kelly left ND in a much better position than when he took it over. It is clearly demonstrated by the wins and losses during the last five years and the level of overall talent. Weis stocked up on skill position talent but overall, his teams were lacking in the other positions. Just ask Clausen what he thought of his oline. Like him or not (and I do not), he left the team in a better place than when he joined it."

It's your opinion, you're welcome to it. Please don't insult the collective intelligence of the board by trying to present your opinion as indisputable fact. Have a good evening.