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I agree with you and MarineDomer by ACross

We are lesser as a program and an extant team. One the one hand, I believe Kelly and his meat head agent were always looking to bail and so he and meat had could parlay and cash out and Kelly for myriad reasons -because he didn’t like ND, he bristled at its expectations, and he viewed the football team as his and nobody else’s.

The quantum and quality of our depth is at or near worst ever at several positions. He left the tentacles of his horrific offense embedded like a slow release stink bomb. In other words, he crop dusted the offense. Freeman spent half of his time during games trying to spray Febreze in the press box.

Weis left some real talent on the team, though it was like termites holding hands.

You know you are hurting when Charlie Weis is more appealing than you. But that is Kelly’s legacy.