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The question was, did Kelly leave the program in better by Grace91

shape that what he inherited.

My opinion is that he did not. In my opinion the 11-2 record was the result of a puffball schedule. The state of the program that Kelly left was one that was incapable of winning a national championship. If you think for one second that adding a good QB - not a Heisman candidate, just a good one, would result in a non-trivial chance to win the national championship, then there's really nothing more to discuss. Even more than there already is little to discuss.

Record isn't everything. Faust's final year was 5-6. But he left a Heisman candidate and a lot of talent when he left. Likewise Weis. Weis had plenty of gaps, but he left the core of the 2012 championship run team, about which Kelly only could complain.

Kelly left the state of the larger _program_ worse than what he inherited. To me, the program is more than just the on-field results. Freeman, to his credit, is undoing some of Kelly's misdeeds.

You hold a different opinion, and that's fine. I'm heading out, so I won't be able to spend any more time debating it with you, thank goodness.

Again, have a good evening.