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I'll always remember that game for Swarbrick enlisting by SWPaDem

Johnny Lujack to pimp for a Tron. I was embarrassed for Lujack and embarrassed for Notre Dame at the time. But for Kelly, Swarbrick, and Jenkins, it was all just fine, which kind of reinforced my belief that there was no bottom to which we wouldn't sink in the manufacturing of new legends that would come to define ND Football. But who am I to complain? It did get us alternating, two shades of turf (except at the 50) to somehow represent the cutting of actual grass, which, apparently, was very important to theoretically make it look real. And it got us smoke out the tunnel! And that no-ways sanctimonious pre-game prayer broadcast on the Tron for the whole world to see just how exactly non-sanctimonious we are!!

While my optimism is buoyed regarding what the team has accomplished with Kelly gone and Freeman ideally in charge, the fact remains that Swarbrick and Jenkins are still here, so I won't be holding my breath any time soon just yet knowing there are people around who can still screw up this latest incarnation of Return to Glory.