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How do you forget how underachieving CW was? by OITLinebacker

Charlie actually recruited 5* talent.

BK inherited 3 top 10 classes including the jr class that was #2. This roster included four 5*'s, something BK would not have again in his 12 years at ND.

This group produced 4 first-round picks, one of which is a HoF lock while another is getting close. (Zach Marin, Harrison Smith, Tyler Eifert, Michael Floyd)

He also had a 5* QB and a slew of guys that would play years in the NFL: Theo Riddick Manti Teo Kyle Rudolf KLM TJ Jones Ian Williams Chris Watt Darrin Walls Robert Blanton Prince Shembo Louis Nix Chris Stewart Trevor Robinson Armando Allen Cierre Wood Jonas Gray Robert Hughes
Bennett Jackson (I'm probably missing some)

And what did he do with all that talent?

Lost at home to Navy by 3 scores and also lost to Tulsa at home and told everyone in the presser afterward to "get used to it".

He only played 2 ranked teams that year, lost to #16 Stanford by 23 and beat #14 Utah.

This years schedule will have 2 top 5 teams and at least 3 other ranked.