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Earlier today I went and looked at our history with 290+ lbs by Raoul

DL recruiting. The last one we recruited was Rubio in 2021 (none in 2022, 2023). Before that it was Keanaaia in 2020 and before that you go to 2018 with Jayson Ademilola and Franklin (we actually got 2 that year). In 2015 we got our biggest in Tillery - big and high ranked. And the year before we got Cage.

By contrast, in 2022+2023 (so far), UGA has 4, Alabama 3, Michigan and Ohio State 2 each.

Big miss on our part: Michigan's true freshman AA Mason Graham is listed as 317 (but only 295 when recruited per 247). He played great this year. He went to Anaheim Servite. We didn't recruit him per 247 and I read an October article where Elston said he was thrilled with him and specifically said "we didn't recruit him" (at ND) - no reason given. Offered by UPenn so grades not an issue. BTW - Graham was a great wrestler and they said they think that gave him a development edge. Maybe he wanted to wrestle and ND doesn't have anymore but Michigan does.

P.S. I used 247 and looked at weight at time of HS recruiting. Tired of trying to grow 300lbs players.