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Why is that with the DL? It it lack of effort? by pmcdnd96

Is it that there just aren't that many kids who are that big in high school? Do we play a defense that kids don't want to play in?

I just took a look at some of our best d-linemen from recent memory and they generally weren't very close to 300 pounds when recruited:
Louis Nix: 6'2, 230 (this HAS to be a misprint of 320)
Aaron Lynch: 6'6, 240
Stephon Tuitt: 6'5, 270
Sheldon Day: 6'2, 286
Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa: 6'4, 270
Jayson Ademilola: 6'3, 290
Isaiah Foskey: 6'4, 233