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The feeder school losses are maddening by Irish2003

Some of those names looked familiar, and it jogged my memory of an old discussion re: Chase Young, a good kid & student from DeMatha. From what I recall, the prior coach use to come in late in the process as a closer, whereas Saban, Day, Dabo, etc were going themselves early on. Other schools are going to get their share of top kids too, but we have a small enough pool that it would be nice to at least partially lock up the feeder schools. Caleb Williams going to OU then USC makes sense given Riley's unfortunate success with QB's, but we apparently didn't offer a Gonzaga kid who was the top available (I don't count Ewers given the NIL; hopefully the Bucknuts can write that off) QB. Someone else mentioned McCarthy sadly grew up wanting to play for Michigan, and that's even more of a blow as a local kid from a feeder. As you mentioned, Eichenberg was a legacy (albeit with OSU as an in-state power), and Skoronski is a local guy who went to a school that has a 4-20 record since. Thankfully Freeman seems to get involved early, and I think we'll have a far higher ceiling, even with NIL and the portal as legit concerns