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eyeballing 2023 roster - 10-15 need to transfer out by MrE

from the 2020, 2021, 2022 classes:

Possible 6th years - 1 (Justin Ademilola)
Possible 5th years - 9 (Hart, Bertrand, Kiser, Liufau, Correll, Kristofic, Joseph, Osafo-Mensah, Cross)
2020/Senior class - 13 on scholarship now
2021/Junior class - 24 on scholarship now
2022/Sophomore class - 21 on scholarship now
2023/Freshman class - 27 projected
Transfers in - 5 projected (my number)

Total Max - 100

Depends on 5th year/6th year returnees. Likely not all 9, probably closer to 5 or 6(?).