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This is another symptom of the lack of integrity by limbosmullet

The pulling of scholarships and strong arming kids off the team is the latest symptom of the lack of integrity from ND leadership that infects the top of ND.

It’s the same leadership that enabled BK at every turn including allowing BK to remain in his role after the totally preventable death of a student employee. Anyone who has the base empirical sense to experience the phenomenon of wind would be responsible for the decision to put a kid 30-40 feet in the air … but according to leadership it was unremarkable…

It’s the same leadership that continues to employ an AD who was the chief legal officer to an entity that was complicit in enabling two of the most prolific child predators of the last 50 years (allegedly). A AD who has subsequently sanitized his online bio and resume of all references to USA gymnastics and swimming.

It’s the same leadership that kicked students out of ND during the pandemic for attending off campus parties and then traveled to DC to attend a rose garden event that likely infected both the president of ND and the president of the US.

ND is run by the most feckless enablers that are utterly lacking in integrity.