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a few brief thoughts by jt

1) You aren't even getting the tip of the iceberg on the roster turnover. As an example, New Mexico announced 18 transfers in just yesterday, and New Mexico St signed 29 in Dec and anticipates another 25 or so next week. Complete roster turnover. Colorado St lost about 30 kids and anticipates replacing at least that many; they are following the Notre Dame lead and using the new coaching staff exemption to lose a whole bunch of guys. These are just a few examples; lower level FBS/group of 5 schools are going to have about 50% turnover each year in many cases. Guys moving up, guys moving down for playing time, guys following a coach, etc.

2) Yeah, the Stanford OL were pretty good. Nugent would have really helped us inside. Miller is a really good player.

3) Not sure what you're referring to w/r/t Colorado; they lost a ton of guys in the portal and jettisoned most of their verbal commitments.