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Just going by... by Wass

...the info on 247 and On3 regarding Colorado. They have a list of their recruiting class (I think it was 16), but I know those jumping into the portal is incomplete. Like I said, both sites were incomplete. As to point 1, I completely agree but my post was far too long as it was and wanted to give a few specific examples. Some schools had some serious overhauls in their rosters. I am not sure how you manage such chaos. How do you get a team to gel with a whole new roster every year? I do feel bad for the Group of 5 schools. They will get their best players poached every year. On the flip side, they may be able to get some decent players "left over" in the portal when the power 5 teams are done. I will post more on "roster pruning" later. Hint - while there may be circumstances justifying it, I'm not for it.