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As a proud Hillsdale Charger, I am all for a roadshow by countymeath

playing teams that do not belong on ND's schedule.

As a fanbase, we have been seething for revenge since the Irish went 4-0-1 on us between '92 and '08. That's 1898-1908, bitches.

You think this unimaginative, unbalanced offense has been exposed repeatedly by mediocre DCs in the House that Rock Built? Just wait for your day of reckoning in Frank "Muddy" Waters Stadium, a.k.a. the House that the Austrian School built.

I hope for Freeman's sake it isn't like the '77 rivalry game against St. Norbert College, where 6 Phi Beta Kappa students hid inside a wooden Adam Smith they'd built the prior week. Forget the blue jerseys. It was over as soon as "Smith" was rolled onto the field and the students descended from his crotchal region in an orderly fashion to read the snippets of the Wealth of Nations they'd been inside translating into Latin over the PA system.

If you consider the crowd noise in '88 against UM or '05 against USC to be the apex of the collegiate home game experience, wait until you hear the post-kickoff choir of the two-dozen or so moneyed benefactors whose tailgating ritual includes daintily sipping Saint-Émilion's 1947 Cheval-Blanc from pewter cups next to the Margaret Thatcher statue they underwrote a few years back. Crazy Train, but crazier.

Speaking of crowds, hopefully the Irish Guard is at full strength, because the moment the meth-cooking slack-jawed yokels who live around the stadium hear there's gold in them thar helmets, it's going to be a free for all. You can't buy Sudafed, coffee filters, and hoses with car parts, you know.

I think we can all agree Jack Swarbrick deserves a great deal of credit for this progressive scheduling and should have everyone's full confidence. Taking the lads on the road and engaging in asymmetrical, unconventional tilts is the only way to ensure the brand's survival in the conference-driven, post-NIL world.