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Roster at 93 & needs to get to 85. 247 says 7 have been told by Hickster

that they will not be on the football roster next year, but could remain in school (I assume on a non-football scholarship).

My question is, if some of the 7 that do not have enough credits to graduate, can they go into the portal and are not happy with their options, can they later stay on as a non-football scholarship student at ND? Are their room and board, as well as books covered?

I hope that this is the case. If they do not like the academics of a school that has offered, I hope they have the option to stay at ND on scholarship, since they did not proactively request to be taken off the roster. They should be given the benefit of the best options that can be made available to them.

Also, hopefully these 7 players can also be in the summer session, so they can expedite their ability to graduate, and then have some eligibility to play at another school.