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They are going after Artemi by DBCooper

And it looks like if they are able to get him it will be hard to keep Lee as well. I don’t think they want to give Lee as long a contract as he wants. At his age and the way he plays there is a lot of stats that show once over 30 the abilities immediately fall. I doubt they get Panarin and hopefully Lee gets signed. I hate to lose a captain 2 years in a row.

Eberle was not a priority over Lee, just an easier guy to sign and they desperately needed to sign a winger. Eberle signed for under market so it made it easier.

On Lehner it’s starting to look like he may not stay, which sucks. Doesn’t look like islanders want to give him 5 million. I still expect this to be negotiations but I also thought he would have been signed by now.

Isles also seriously thinking about Marner