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What a terrible series loss. by wearendhockey

• Michigan State had never won so much as a single Big Ten Playoff GAME, let alone a series.
• Since they moved the tournament to a best-of-three on campus sites, only one other home team has lost a home series. Home teams were 13-1 before today.
• Notre Dame won the first game and scored first in the next two.
• Michigan State was 3-12-1 in their final 16 games NOT against Notre Dame, but somehow went 4-1 against us in five games during that stretch.
• Spartans were 1-9 in their last 10 regular season games away from East Lansing.

An awful, pathetic showing by this team.

People can talk about recruiting and the incoming freshmen all they want, but what this program needs is a huge re-set. I know it isn't coming, and I fully expect the staff to remain relatively the same next year (the top-3 will all be there yet again). I also expect next year to be another middle of the road performance, if that. Last season was the anomoly in a program that has been on an otherwise 5 year regression. And every year where this team puts an insomnia cure on the ice in place of an interesting, dynamic offense makes it that much harder to turn it around and put the kind of team on the ice needed to win in this league or in an NCAA game.

There is no excuse whatsoever that Notre Dame should struggle in hockey anymore and scrape and claw simply to be .500. And to me it doesn't matter that this program was nothing before Jeff Jackspn's arrival. If Jackson is not willing to make the changes needed, the change needs to be him.