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Harvard has more draft picks than any other team in the by wearendhockey

NCAA tournament this year. I was surprised to hear that stat mentioned yesterday. But it is true. They have 15 NHL draft picks.

Minnesota is next with 14, and Denver and BU both have 12. The other #1 seeds are quite the contrast. Michigan checks in with 11 (4 1st round picks), while Quinnipiac has just 2, (both 6th round picks).

St. Cloud has 4, and Ohio State and Western Michigan each have 3. Penn State, Michigan Tech, Merrimack, Colgate and Cornell each roster 2 NHL picks.

Both Minnesota State and Canisius have no NHL picks on their roster this year. Talk about making do.

The largest gulf is between the overall #1 Minnesota and the overall #16 Canisius. The Gophers have 14 more NHL picks (14) than the Griffins (0). The next largest? The Friday 1st round matchup between Harvard, with 15 picks, 12 more than Ohio State's 3.

The biggest underachievers this year, at least based on the rather hit and miss notion of NHL draft picks? Wisconsin, North Dakota and Northeastern. All have at least 10 picks and all started their conference tournaments needing to win it to make the NCAAs. North Dakota (11 picks) got to the NCHC final 4. Wisconsin (10) made Michigan work in the opening round of the Big Ten playoffs. Northeastern, with 12 NHL draft picks -- including 4 second round ones -- lost on home ice on the opening day of Hockey East's single elimination playoff.