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Not that my opinion means shit. by jakam31

But I don't agree with your views on non-alums in their place in heirarchy of Notre Dame. Not because I think we deserve as much say, but because I think we are sometimes looked down upon like second-tier peasants by some people on here and other places with regard to the school and the football team. Sometimes that view makes me angry but hey - maybe I should have worked a little harder in attempting to get in the place.

That said, you're 110% on the mark and truth be told, you usually are. If you are able to get past persona that you sometimes come across with and really look at what is being said, you are correct as are the others you mentioned in your post. Is it always positive? Hell no - but in desperate times, you can't always turn negative into positive because you have to get your hands dirty and figure out what the root of the problem is. No one wants Kelly to fail because it isn't Brian Kelly who is failing - it is Notre Dame and that is why people get on here everyday. This isn't BKNation, it is NDNation.

Honestly - your post scares me. It seems to me that a lot of people are coming to realization that ND football isn't what it was and while I didn't go there, I am sure the school isn't what it was either. I sense that the white flag might be going up for some. I hope that isn't the case.