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I've been wondering if the demise of football by URwhatUR

has been planned. Watching yet another coach and another team perform without basic tenets of leadership and teamwork makes me think ND has chosen the demise of football deliberately.

Twenty years ago, did ND decide football was too blue collar, low-brow for it? Perhaps thinking ND won't be like Harvard if all those regular folks from around the country wear its t-shirts and cheer for its team? So, to become more Harvardesque, perhaps ND decided to let the program slowly fade away?

Perhaps they thought...
Let's start with coaches who seem like good hires to many. Hire the shining stars on their way up, rather than those already capable of the job. As each coach fails, the alumni who love football with grow more frustrated. Sure, some will take their donations away, but ND gets millions more from the high-brow alumni and doesn't care about the football fan money. How much could be coming in from such people anyway?

Each year, more and more football-loving alumni give up. After the slow decline over twenty or thirty years, long-time fans who loved Lou, Ara and Leighy will be long-gone. Recent alumni are less interested in football and will not bother the administration about it. They will donate to ND because of research, not football.

I admit, I don't read every post here and could have missed discussion of this premise. Go easy on me. I just cannot believe that such obvious principles of teamwork and leadership are missing accidentally. Repeatedly.