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The Victors by NDOLDTOWN

Verse One

Hail to Hoke who hides our rapes
How we hate those ND papes
Hail, Hail to Michigan
We still think Bo's hip

Hail! ND is so chicken
We'll give them such a licken'
Hail, Hail to Michigan
Oops! Thirty-one to zip

Verse Two

Hail! Brandon, pizza seller
Rube's made us cellar-dwellers
Hail, Hail to Michigan
Swarbrick on him peed

Hail to our players, so great
Though not many graduate
Hail, Hail to Michigan
At least some of them read

Verse Three

Hail, Ann Arbor, place of hope
We burn the flag and smoke dope
Hail, Hail to Michigan
We think God is dead

Hail, Guys with UM degrees
Kevorkian, Kaczynski
Hail, Hail to Michigan
A legacy of dread

Verse Four

Hail! To Crisler, Yost and Bo
Bitter crackers who aimed low
Hail, Hail to Michigan
A poisonous tree

Hail, our percentage of wins
Championships and Heismans
Hail, Here at Michigan
All fewer than ND's