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Brennan is the one ND coach let go after 5 years by ShermanOaksND

who has a serious case to be made that he wasn't given enough time. Brennan's 5-year WP (32-18, .640) was higher than that of all the other coaches shown the door at or before the end of year 5, and he's the only one of that group to have had 3 teams finish in the AP final top 10. One wonders what Brennan might have done if given more time and resources (scholarships were reduced drastically and voluntarily by ND during his tenure). We'll never really know, because Brennan never had another head coaching job after leaving ND, despite still only being 30 years old. In fact, he's still alive, and is four years younger than Ara.

Brennan certainly was "competent," and arguably could've proven himself better than that. Kelly is competent too, even if he makes incompetent decisions far too frequently, with the latest barrage coming last Saturday. Your analysis is very fair and right on target.