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I was able to meet him several times by dallas_subway

My first Fr. Ted encounter was in 2007. Manor76 took me into Fr. Ted's office before we were to attend a dinner at the JACC. Fr. Ted was also attending this dinner and there was about 30 minutes before we all had to be there.

During this time, Fr. Hesburgh regaled us with stories of making Notre Dame co-educational, working with President Johnson and fishing. I showed him a picture of my son and he told me "teach him to be extraordinary". Those words have never left me; particularly because they were issued from a man whose own life was extraordinary. I don't know if I possess the ability to teach my son to be extraordinary but I've tried every day to do just that. Last April I took mt son in to meet Fr. Hesburgh and that was a special moment. I could tell that his health had understandably declined. 97 is one heckuva good life.

As our brief time came to an end, Fr. Hesburgh invited us to ride on his golf cart to the JACC and of course we accepted.

Rest in peace, Fr. Ted and thank you for inspiring and challenging me to be a better Catholic, a better man and a better father.