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I was fortunate to meet him this summer, by wearendhockey

just a brief encounter.

Father Hesburgh was headed to Wisconsin, departing from the FBO side of the South Bend airport. He wasn't flying in the Phantom Notre Dame owns that is usually hangered on the field so initially I didn't realize who was going to be on the plane I was dispatching to Wisconsin.

Along with members of the Notre Dame Fire Department I helped him board the aircraft for the journey. This little group, consisting the captain of the aircraft, a couple NDFD members, myself, an aide to Father Hesburgh, and Father Ted exchanged pleasantries, chatted about what kinds of fish were going to be on the menu and then got about our business.

After we finished with what needed to be done, handshakes were exchanged all around and the NDFD guys, the captain and I all deplaned. The captain then said in a way from the South drawl “Can you imagine all of the people who shook hands with him over the years?” I sure can.

Rest peacefully Father Hesburgh.