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I hope he changes the lyrics to his biggest hit. by Giggity_Giggity

Blame it all on the coach
who survives like a roach
And ruined America's team;
He should have been fired
or forcibly retired
when Saban exposed his poor scheme.
And I saw the surprise
and the fear in his eyes
when Miami took out their gold chain;
But heaven forfend
NDNation offend
since we're bad fans when we all complain.

'Cause I've got a team in low places
with shitty records and purple faces
Watching fade passes fly
through the nighttime sky;
I'm pretty sold on opening spaces
with two first round picks going through their paces
But I've got a team in low places.

Well I guess Jack was wrong
He just don't belong
but Jack's too far up his own ass;
Says everything is alright
six more games are at night
and the brand is still rolling in cash.
All the seats will still sell
and please don't mind the smell
That's just our third party seat site;
Turn that jumbotron on
And hopefully it won't dawn
That the Irish have misplaced the "fight."

'Cause I've got a team in low places
where the players get dismissed 'cause of court cases
And the Irish Guard
Look like the gnomes in my yard
I'm not keen on playoff races
seems we're way too prone to total disgraces
Oh, I've got a team in low places.