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I would try to use Jack's own words against him by airborneirish

In last week's podcast he stated that he judges performances over a 2 year period.

Here is our performance against the AP top 25 and top 10 for the last 3 seasons. All rankings end of regular season, which is the only ranking that matters.

0-1 vs AP top 10, USC(9), 27 - 45
0-3 vs. AP top 25: USC (9), VTech (18), Stanford (16): 68-96

0-3 vs AP top 10, W: NONE, L: Clemson(2), OSU(4), Stanford(3), 86-106
1-4 vs AP top 25: W: Navy(18), L:L: Clemson(2), OSU(4), Stanford(3), 127-130

0-1 vs AP top 10, W:NONE, L: FSU(5) 27-31
0-4 vs. AP top 25, W:NONE, L:FSU(5), ASU(12),USC(20),Louisville(24) 109-154

No matter which 2 year span you pick we are either 1-7 vs. ap top 25 or 1-8 vs. ap top 25.

Our only win vs the top 25 was Navy. NAVY.