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He played like Lallana. by NDMike2001

And if you follow Liverpool, you know exactly what that looks like. A player that has really good individual ball skills with the ability to play in tight spaces. But he really lacks any real sense of the game/position and no real threat to score or create through balls or crosses. Defensively he put in a shift, but didn't really stand out with any challenges, duels, etc. That said, the goal did originate from his play. After playing himself almost into the corner he was able to squirt ball out of two defenders which fell to Milner (off-side) who made a cross into the box.

I think Lallana's midfield days should be numbered. With the injuries right now (and the insanely stupid decision to loan Clyne), he's sort of a necessity for depth. But otherwise, he provides nothing to the midfield. He could possibly provide some depth at forward with his ability to dribble and link up inside a crowded box. But as a midfielder, he's clearly behind Hendo, Gini, Milner, Fabinho, Keita, Shaqiri and eventually/hopefully Ox.