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Netflix now has "The Figo Affair". by G.K.Chesterton

My wife and I had never heard of Luis Figo until last night and I don't follow either Barca or Real Madrid (my wife followed Barca when Messi was there), but it was an interesting look at what happens when you get an indecisive player and add unscrupulous people into his universe. If you have a preconception about sleazy agents and the like, you won't be disappointed, and Figo has his own defects. They also dug up a lot of good footage from when this whole affair went down.

If you are a Pep fan, I recommend watching it for his up-close comments on what went down, since he was a good friend of Figo's while both were at Barca.

NOTE: the documentary is in Spanish but English subtitles are available. The trailer below only has Spanish subtitles, but the trailer at the Netflix site has the English subtitles.