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Women soccer recruiting by BabaGhanouj

As of today, Notre Dame has the 6th ranked recruiting class for 2023. The tentative recruits are:
Atlee Olofson GK (reportedly, the number one GK in the class)
Morgan Roy MF
Charlie Codd F
Isabella Leonard MF
Meghan Mrowicki F
Paige Buchner F
Chayse Ying MF

Of course, North Carolina is no. 1 with a ridiculous class of 4 in the top 10.
No. 2 is Stanford
No. 3 is Virginia
No. 4 is Duke
No. 5 is Florida State

So ND's recruiting class is ranked 6th in the county and 5th in the ACC. Keep in mind that soccer ratings in the past have been notoriously inaccurate.