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I heard Duncan Ferguson's name being thrown around, by G.K.Chesterton

as a candidate last night, so I had to look him up. This guy sound like a character. Love the story about one burglar being in the hospital for three days and another burglar also being hospitalized. From the Wiki:

Burglary attempts at his homes

In 2001, two burglars broke into Ferguson's home in Rufford, Lancashire. Ferguson confronted them and was able to detain one of them, who subsequently spent three days in hospital.[56] The second man managed to flee but was eventually caught. Both men were sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment for their actions.

In January 2003, Ferguson caught another burglar at his home in Formby, Merseyside; the burglar attacked Ferguson, who retaliated. The burglar was hospitalised and later alleged that Ferguson had assaulted him, but this was dismissed by police.[56][57]

Convictions for physical altercations

Ferguson has had four convictions for assault – two arising from taxi rank scuffles,[3] one an altercation with a fisherman in an Anstruther pub,[3] and one for his on-field headbutt on Raith Rovers defender John McStay in 1994 while playing for Rangers, which resulted in a rare conviction for an on-the-field incident.

The first incident led to a £100 fine for headbutting a policeman and a £25 fine for a Breach of the Peace,[58] while the second resulted in a £200 fine for punching and kicking a supporter on crutches. He was sentenced to a year's probation for the third offence.[59] For the 1994 on-the-field headbutting, he received and served a three-month jail term for assault.[60] Ferguson's troubles with the law and his imprisonment inspired Finnish composer Osmo Tapio Räihälä to write a symphonic poem as a "musical portrait" of Ferguson, titled Barlinnie Nine.[61]