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She didn't run. Her last ND race that I could find was by Domerduck

January 21 (linked in my post below). When I watched the Rohrer 5k and 3k race on WatchESPN it was mentioned she hurt herself in New York but I hadn't found any references to it in Google or on the ND site but only had a this quote from Turner, ND's head coach in the Feb 21 Observer pre ACC championship article. “Molly Seidel, right where her tibia meets her ankle, has a stress fracture,” Turner said. “So we are going to hold her out because if she runs and makes it a worse injury, then she is out for the entire season. So unfortunately she is going to miss the ACC indoor championships. "

After seeing your post I tried a little harder and found this earlier Observer article (linked below) which had the following on Molly:

The third destination for Notre Dame track athletes this weekend was New York and the Millrose Games, as graduate student Molly Seidel aimed to compete in the 3,000-meter run and record a top-16 time in the country to put her in position to compete at the NCAA championship. However, Seidel slipped on the ice Saturday and hurt her ankle and was not able to compete. Sparks said the team did not want to risk Seidel’s health and that the graduate student will wait for another opportunity to compete in the event.

“With Molly, we decided to err on the side of caution and not run her,” Sparks said. “Hopefully [her injury] will only last a couple days, so that she can get ready for the postseason in a couple of weeks.”

So it looks like it came from slipping on the ice in New York (why it was referenced on ESPN?ACCN)....too bad.