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Individual Championships do not effect the team scoring by thedeadguy

All fencers compete in 23 bouts. The amount of wins goes to the team score. That is why it is so important to have 12 fencers, because each fencer has an opportunity for 23 wins. The top 4 in each weapon fence for the individual NCAA championship. However, those results do not impact the Team Championship.
So in Epee, Amanda was 20-3, ranked 1. She lost to the the 4th overalll finisher in the individual championship (who had 16 or 17 wins), but that did not effect the team competition.
Similarly, the Irish has the # 2 and 3 finishers in foil, but there team results were locked in.
2x Individual Sabre Champion Russo finished 3rd, but her team results were locked in.