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Those that left were the nucleus of the team as well by NDoggie78

They weren't players upset over playing time - they were the starters.
Of the remaining roster:
Nancy Kane - brought in mostly to serve
Hattie Monson - probably the most experienced player returning at libero
Kiara Schmidt - a libero, primarily a backup to Hattie Monson
Lauren Tarnoff - a transfer from Miami last year who played and started a few games
Charity McDowell - very rarely played
Phyona Schrader - pretty highly ranked setter but was mainly a backup to Zoe Nunez
Paris Thompson - very rarely played

So with the current roster (not counting freshman coming in, walkons, potential transfers), we couldn't even field a team
Middle Blockers - 2 (5 on the roster last year)
Outside Hitters - 1 (5 on the roster last year)
Setters - 2 (3 on the roster last year)
Libero - 2 (3 on the roster last year)