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Oh, For C+#st's Sake! On a Lot of Fronts. by dillon77

- Matt Sparks found, mentored and promoted Carlson up the ladder and -- blammo -- out the door. Now, I guess that Tennessee threw a freaking bank vault of cash at him, but this still kind of boggles the mind.

My gut is that Carlson felt he was losing that A+++ squad of XC runners to graduation and that it wasn't going to get any better at du lac (at least not for awhile), so leave while you're on top and a lot of cash is coming your way. Plus, maybe he didn't like the idea of being in charge of the entire track program.

So, he gets a raise for less responsibilities. Maybe he didn't want them?

- For ND, The only good thing I can say is that Sparks is still here to keep the mothership going. He can, if need be, step into the HC role for distance again while finding someone.

- Now, for Tennessee: the timing of this is just beyond tactless. Given the release hit Sat., June 11th, did Carlson even take a plane back to South Bend? On top of that, we're currently playing Tenn. in baseball. What happens if Tennessee beats the Irish in the game three today? Oh, we steal Long Distance/XC coach and beat your baseball team.

Seems like Tennessee doesn't give an iota about any degree of collegiality. So, if they don't, I won't: hope the Irish bats warm up and pound the Vols. Also hope Sparks and/or new assistants come back strong next year.