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Went to the European Athletics Championships this weekend... by ewillND

I had tickets for Friday night, and on a whim we bought two of the last few remaining tickets last night. Friday was fun, but last night was one of the most fun sporting events I have been to in years. If nothing else, a big track meet in the 1972 Olympic Stadium was pretty epic.

Just a few highlights:

Karsten Warholm won the mens' 400H on Friday, as expected. He made it look easy.

Mujinga Kambudji from Switzerland upset Dina Asher-Smith to win the women's 200 meter final (after winning the silver in the 100m), then came back on Sunday and took bronze in the 100m hurdles. The Swiss fans went nuts.

Laura Muir won the 1500m, as usual.

The Nations Cup came down to the final two events of the meet, the mens' and womens' 4x100 relays. If GB won both, they would take the Cup.

So, as expected, they won Gold in the mens' race, and set a Championships Record in doing so. The final event was the women's race--Friday night, GB took Gold, Silver, and 4th place in the 200m.

Team GB...fumbled the first exchange and DNF'd. All Germany needed to do was finish the race clean. Which they did. And won gold.

A full Olympiastadion went totally nuts over a track meet. Man, was it fun.

On another note...that, kids, is why we are working on handoffs at track practice.